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Does anyone have experience with using sea salt and vitamin c in the fight against lyme disease?

Posted by david10605

I was diagnosed with lyme disease after developing meningitis, followed soon after by encephelatis, heart problems, and other symptoms. I have had three courses of doxycyline, and recently started cipro. My doctor is recommending taking sea salt and vitamin c to battle the parasites associated with lyme. I wonder if anyone has any experience with it. I also wonedr how long I am likely to be ill. I do better for a week or two, but lately have gotten worse. The diagnosis was made in September 2008.
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My diagnosis was made in August 2008, almost 6 years after my symptoms began.  I have been taking antibiotics since September 08.  I am getting better, but still have many symptoms.  My doctor recommended salt-c therapy.  I haven't tried it yet, but I'm hoping it works!

Well, the length of treatment depends entirely upon your body as well as how long you have been sick. I was diagnosed six months ago after 15 years of illness, so my doctor is telling me 3-5 years of treatment. I hear most people, when taking IV antibiotics after the disease has become systemic, last around eight months on treatment. Much of the time, it is best to use multiple kinds of antibiotics to target the disease (due to the different forms of bacteria). Are you pulsing them? Are you detoxing? Does your doctor know about Herxheimer, Biofilm, or co-infections (which are just as serious as Lyme)? These things are imperative to getting back on your feet. 

Vitimin C helps the immune system and Sea Salt helps with Detoxification. Yes, they have worked for me, but are not the best way to conquer immunity problems or detox.

 Good luck. 



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