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Does Anyone Else Have IV Site or Blood Draw Reactions ?

Posted by RitaA

I've had a couple of rather odd reactions to IV sites in the past year.  The first one seemed to be triggered by an IV for surgery.  It resulted in a series of "travelling bruises" (I described them as bruise droppings at the time) that started over a week later, and it didn't looked or feel like thrombophlebitis.  My family physician had never seen anything like it, however I did develop a 10-12 in blood clot in my forearm that stuck around for months.  A hematologist could find no explanation, so it was simply added to my list of medical mysteries.

 More recently, an IV inserted on the top of my left hand developed quite a "bruise bump" a couple of hours after it was removed.  I used ice and pressure to stop it from getting any worse, and it flattened after my successful first aid.  Many days later, the resolving bruise "flaired" into a reddish-brown rash-like area from my wrist to my knuckles.  That eventually resolved as well, even before the bruising completely went away.

 I also notice that I get rashes from the adhesives (even non-latex) used to cover blood draw punctures.  My previous doctor chalked it up to a latex allergy, but the redness is even more pronounced in scars I have near the inner surface of my elbow (where my one good vein is located).

 Sorry to be so longwinded, but has anyone else noticed any unsual reactions (clotting and/or bleeding) at IV or blood draw sites?

 Thankfully I have an appointment in just 7 weeks' time to see a doctor who is extremely Lyme-literate.  With all of the late-stage symptoms (particularly neurological and skin) of Lyme (possibly the garinii strain from Finland) and even some other tick-borne illness symptoms (most notably malaria-like), there's a chance I've been struggling for years (if not decades) with LD or something remarkably similar. 

I've had many opportunities for exposure to tick-borne illnesses in Europe and North America, having vacationed most of my 54 years in areas along the eastern seaboard (including Cape Cod) and Pennsylvania.  I even lived in a very rural setting (with deer eating from our garden) from 1970 to 1973, and I continue to visit there frequently.  My latest clue to a possible tick bite was a classic bull's eye rash that I acquired in May 2006.  Already experiencing cognitive issues back then, it simply didn't register in this brain of mine.  To say that I was clueless about possible Lyme Disease until very recently is an understatement.

 I have been on long-term disability since 2001 when my neurological problems, cognitive issues and a very long list of other health issues made it impossible for me to continue working.  I'm hoping to resume my career in IT once I'm properly diagnosed (with whatever it is that ails me) and hopefully treated as well.

Take care everyone! 


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