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Doc In A Box

Posted Dec 11 2009 9:21pm
My computer went down again so I'm borrowing one but only for a little while so this will be another brief entry. It's a bit disorienting for me to be without a computer as its my only link to the outside world. Having contact with other ME/CFS patients is vital for me.

Thank you for all of your comments. They have been very helpful.

I spoke with my doctor. I'll be finding a new one. I really wish Dr. Scott and Dr. Kliman hadn't died. Anyway, this new soon to be ex doctor told me my ultrasound was normal and that I probably have a muscle strain! That's probably one of the silliest comments a doctor has made to me. I have classic gallbladder symptoms: bad pain between my shoulder blades after eating certain foods, pain that radiates to my right shoulder, some nausea, localized gallbladder pain, etc..... Maybe its me but I don't think that muscle strains cause these symptoms. She told me to take Advil and that was it. End of conversation.

I made an appointment with my ME/CFS doctor for Monday thank goodness. I'll bring up the suggestions that everyone made in my last post. I'm hoping he can order a HIDA Scan to see if my gallbladder is functioning. Something is wrong and its not a muscle strain. I know it.

I just want to get this dealt with whatever it takes so I can get on with figuring out the next step in my healing.
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