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Posted Aug 07 2009 12:04pm

I've recently realized the importance of a little thing called detox. This idea bloomed unto me with heavy, odorous invitation- die off is simply over toxicity. In order to maintain a level of safety with treatment, you must flush the poisons from your system as well. Once I began to truly confront this issue, I could tolerate, well, some semblance of functionality within my home. These are the steps I have taken and would suggest to others who are interested.

1) Juicing (for Lyme patients: carrot juice and 'green lemonade')- by bathing your cells in chlorophyll, magnesium, live enzymes, and love, pollutants and waste are more easily eliminated from your system. The waste is drawn from the bowel when it would have otherwise congealed there. Pretty nifty, I would say.

2) Toxin Binders- I use Sparga (sulphur detox), Burbur, and Parsley. They are quite potent, but work only when the individual is capable of eliminating the accumulated waste.

3) Clay Baths

4) Magnesium/ Sea Salt Baths

5) Colonic Hydration (use only the gravity method and a knowledgeable practitioner)

6) Coffee Enemas- honestly? They are incredible. The caffeine is absorbed through the bowel and flushed through the system, binding the toxins while removing bile from the liver. Two times a week max. I listen to Rufus Wainwright and veg on the bathroom floor. Three cheers for me time.

7) Infrared Saunas

8) Sunshine- I would add an exclamation mark for ironic value, but I don't want to detract from the potency of this wondrous galactic fireball.

9) Lymphatic massage

10) Raw foods- One must be particularly careful when treading these waters. However, with the habitual ingestion of live enzymes, the toxic waste stored from ten years ago is unearthed and shed. When ill, this is troublesome as detoxification to such a degree can lead to unnecessary pain.

11) Acupuncture

12) Deep breathing- the lungs are detox organs when they want to be.

13) Dry brushing- Simply take a skin brush and whisk it over the skin before taking a shower.

14) Eliminating environmental toxins- There are pollutants you can not avoid these days. However, through filtering your drinking water, purifying the air supply in your home, using non toxic cleaning products/body care products, ingesting only organic foods, sleeping in organic sheets, etc- you can skip out on many of them.

Let the cleansing begin.

P.S. I have started to grow wheat grass. More on this later.
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