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day 670

Posted Jan 30 2011 12:00am

weight - 68 kg / 150 lbs.
BP-93/58 pulse 67

Feeling very lethargic….Finally getting a strong response from the coil machine…. Frequencies 655Hz and 832 Hz seem to be giving me some headaches. I can feel bacterial infestation all over my body. I can also feel the frequencies reacting with this infection. I am feeling somewhat disorientated and cloudy overall thinking patterns.
My digestion in the stomach is very slow…. but I can feel infection in the stomach and the lungs…. shortness of breath is prevalent. I get random twitching in the body from the coil treatments. I think some changes are inevitably occurring. Still not 100 percent sure of what exact enemy I am trying to fight here. I do know that my body is weak and seems to be starting to respond. I have been taking much time to rest of recent. Still using alot of the detox techniques from the gerson therapy. Two daily coffee enemas, Castor oil treatments, carrot / salad juices, and yoga are the norm. Its quite clear now that i have a massive chronic infection of the GI tract (upper and lower) , respiratory infection, and bladder infection…. I couldn’t ask for a better time than to be using these rife / coil treatments. My body is simply overrun and needs assistance at this point to eliminate these bacterias.
Now my will is strong, and mentally I think I will be ok. I have been through alot, and I know what to expect at this point. I also have some confidence from previously overcoming infections.

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