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day 376- 11 days fast complete

Posted Apr 12 2010 12:00am

66.7 kg  BP 93/60 pulse 63

I almost gave in on the fast today….  hunger is still with me everyday.  They say your body will tell when when the fast is over.  well my body tells me everyday to eat more food!  still doing a little bit of cilantro, honey,  and cayenne pepper in my juices to increase circulation and detox.  My energy is very low now and much pain in my legs.  It is difficult to stay on my feet.  Chronic pain is a daily chore.  Gonna do my best to keep focused.  At this point 30 days seems like an eternity!

I tried to do some work in the garden this morning.  About 20 minutes later I got frustrated and hit the showers.  I was ejected from the game.  I just dont have the patience, energy, and im in too much pain.  I still try and get out a little to do something.  Im doing alot of reading and school work.

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