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day 368 - day 3 of fasting “GHANDI TIME”

Posted Apr 03 2010 12:00am

weight 67.7 kg


My hunger is starting to subside. They say the hardest part is the first 3 days. Food is such an addiction. Total control must be used over the body to refrain from eating. I cant say how many times I go and look at the refrigerator and want to grab something to eat.
There is no more solid waste coming from my body. I am still doing two coffee enemas a day. Right around 10 juices a day as well. Anything from romaine, chard, beet root, apple, celery, and apple. I woke up with some slight muscle cramping in my right leg. Not sure what I can do about this, hopefully this is an isolated instance.
I am trying to retrain my body to have control over my eating. They say that the pancreas and metabolism is able to balance out again after a long refraining from eating. I hope this is true. My body was 100 percent out of rhythm with digestion and over eating. There was not a chance at healing if I wasn’t digesting properly, and wasted energy on over eating. I have been complaining about these issues for almost an entire year now. It was certainly time for change and I believe this is the right course to take.
I don’t think I will lose much more weight for all the fat on my body is depleted regardless. I just had some blood work done yesterday and I will post the results soon. I plan on getting some more work done in another week.
Overall, I still get frustrated and irritable when things are not going well. Im starting to get the feeling of GHANDI. Ive reached a standoff with my body. Hoping, praying, that this will make the change.  How much longer can this asshole hold out?  When are you going to break?

I dont miss the USA.

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