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Dancing Brain

Posted Jan 11 2009 5:25pm
Well, I went back on the zithromax and the bugs are doing a dance in my brain as they die off. Thus, the awful brain fog and super wired but tired feelings yesterday, and last night was a continuation of leg muscle spasms and wild and crazy dreams. Added to this was my first experience of what Joel and I think was a bit of sleep walking? I never used to remember my dreams and wish I was back to that with the strange ones I am having~ usually I end up waking up with my fight or flight sounding the alarm. Last night one of my dreams involved sitting in the dentist chair and the dentist was going to work on my teeth. (this is really a nightmare) Here is the funny part ~ my dentist was McGee, the federal agent from the show NCIS!!!! In my dream I had to go to the bathroom fast so I jumped out of the dentist chair to run to the bathroom. I woke up a few steps from the bed as I was heading to the door. My poor body did not know what hit it when I jumped out of bed! I did fall back to sleep after a couple of hours, but again the crazy dreams. This is not fun, no not fun at all. Just how many bugs can be in my brain, anyway?
When I look up info on where these "beasties", as one Lymie calls them, infiltrate the body ~ there is not a part of our bodies that they do not invade. I have heard it called a disease of the brain, but it is everywhere. When I first went on Doxycycline I even had pain and aching in my teeth for several weeks...Lyme the doctor said. Besides the overall pain,I had crying jags and I had episodes of anxiety and waking up in the morning with small anxiety attacks ~ Lyme the doctor said. My vision got blurry~ lyme ~ Nothing that I have experienced surprises my doctor at all, but for some reason the level of these symptoms was a big surprise for me. She has seen it all including having one of her patients lose his sight for a while when the lyme was dying off in his eyes.
So, here I am, waiting for this to subside, but waiting is something I am familiar with. Right now I believe I can outlast and outwit ( well, at least my doc can!) these dose at a time.
I know that fellow lymies experience these same symptoms and more. I have heard from two people about the extreme difficulty of bartonella die-off. I just hope you receive the same encouragement that I have from others here and in my online support group. It is not good to have to do this alone. It is one of the reasons I started this blog. ~ First of all I love to write, but I was also hoping to not only find support and encouragement from others, but to provide it also. And maybe provide some information on the devastation of this disease ~ just a bit. Connie from LymeBytes ( and author of a book on Lyme) writes that we cannot expect our family, friends, and other healthy people to understand what we are going through. Expectations of this sort only bring us disappointment or frustration and cause problems with our relationships. But, now I am rambling. It is time to give my dancing brain a rest....
From my corner of the world to yours ~ may your day be filled with peace and if your brain is dancing, may it be doing a waltz and not the jitterbug!
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