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Creeping, Creeping

Posted Aug 20 2012 12:56pm
I've been off my antibiotics almost all summer and my symptoms are slowly creeping back up. I wanted to believe that I was healed - that I could go without meds - but my body is telling me differently.  I take great heart from Renee at Renee's Reflections who is completely healed through the power of prayer.  She admits she still has some symptoms, but completely trusts God for her healing.  It's an amazing story - you really should hop on over to her blog to read about it.

Meanwhile, I thought I was on that path.  I still believe that I'm healed but for now it's going to take going back on some medications.  I stopped taking them because they make me sick.  As in 'throw up in the sink while the kids are eating breakfast' sick.  If I managed to keep it down then by the time the antibiotics worked down to my digestive tract I had cramping & horrible diarrhea.   Like 'keep me up all night in the bathroom' kind of sick.  Since I have two little kids (ages 1 and 4) who are home with me all day; I can't afford to be that extremely sick or go without that kind of sleep.  I can manage low-key days where we stay home, lounge on the couch, do quiet activities, etc.  But I cannot be in the bathroom all day, flat on the floor - throwing up or using the toilet - and keep my little guys safe.  Some might argue with me, but for me it just wasn't possible.  So I stopped taking them.

And here we are.

Trying to figure out what I can take and still function somewhat during the day.

Oral antibiotics are the culprits - I don't have this problem with Bicillin - an injectible antiobiotic.  But after being on it for several years while I was trying to get pregnant, pregnant, and nursing, my LLMD thought it best to switch.  Luckily I have another appointment with her next week so we'll see what she recommends.  I've strongly resisted IV antibiotics b/c I didn't want a port or PICC line, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's be best alternative for me given that I can't stomach the pills (quite literally).

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