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Connie, can u help me?

Posted Oct 25 2008 1:48pm

First of all thanks for all u do

My daughter came back from a trip abroad very sick and went to bed and basically stayed there.

Due to the CNS, heart and vision problems we are off to see a LLMD soon and will start antibx, she has been ravished by this disease,we finally go diagnosed via western blot and co panel

can u assist me with finding the herbs for the core protcol re Buhner 's book i bought

1) I bought the cats claw form raintree but after reading much about dr horowitz i also bought the samento toa free, the book gives the protcol for the regular cats claw but not the samento if one chooses to use Samento TOA you know where I can find the protcol for Samento and Lyme?

2) Andrographis: while his book gives the preferred formualtion, i do not see where to buy the exact one, can you assist me?

3) I am really wanting the Japanese Knotweed especially after your post on it, I went to the website he mentions called Source Naturals but the compounding fr the Resveratrol is different, can you tell me where you bought it from?

Last Q on this protcol that i want to start ASAP is this, he gives the dosage of each of the 3 core herbs but what i did not get or see was if i start her on one herb for a week or while and then introduce the next or one is to start all 3 herbs simultaneously at the low doses together? Do you know?


Thank you for the post on the celiac site re gluten free oatmeal with stevia as i ordered both, it is now like a delicacy in this house!

Lastly i want to bake muffins for her, can i use quinoa by just substituting it as a straight swap in lieu of flour for making? and can i bake with stevia, i googles it but all info and books have been prohinbited per the FDA.

Thanks so much



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