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Code Words for Hidden Gluten

Posted Feb 14 2010 5:01am
One of the hardest things about going Gluten-Free is not the obvious stuff like bread and pasta, but the additives with funny names - the code words to look for on your food labels.  For instance, did you know that even luncheon meat can have hidden gluten?  Since meat is typically a safe food, many don't think twice about eating lunch meat. (hint: Hormel Natural Choice is labeled gluten free).

Here is a list of code words to look for on your food labels:
Additives (until you find out exactly, steer clear)
Artificial color
Brewer's Yeast (other yeast is safe)
Caramel color (made from barley malt)
Dextrin (can be made of safe grains, but can also be wheat so don't eat unless you call the manufacturer)
Dextrimaltose (made from barley)
Glucose Syrup
Groats (unless you know specifically it's buckwheat or gluten-free oats)
Hydrogenated Oils (with the exception of Hydrogenated Soybean oil)
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)
Hydrolyzed Plan Protein (HPP)
Malt (made from barley)
Malt Vinegar (most other vinegars are ok)
Modified Food Starch
Natural Flavor
Smoke Flavoring

In addition to learning all the names of the grains you can and cannot eat (example: semilina is a form of wheat -- more in an upcoming post), you should memorize the list above.  These hidden glutens reside in many of the foods we eat today including canned soups, gravies, salad dressings & marinades.  Learning to look for them can keep you from upset later on.
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