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Posted Jun 04 2010 6:31am
While watching the video below, ask yourself why in the past few decades are we experiencing such an upsurge in autoimmune disease. The speaker below talks about successive infection and how one infection can lead to immune suppression which then may make the body more susceptible to subsequent infections. Autoimmune disease may not be the body fighting itself but it may be the body fighting unidentified microbes. This has been hypothesized before.

Also....think about why our bodies are becoming incapable of fighting these infections. Has our soil in which we grow our food become so impoverished that it is missing some of the vital elements which support life...such as iodine, magnesium..etc? Many of these elements are needed for immune function. Our diets are heavily processed and can depress immunity. While the video below expresses the cause of illness better than auoimmunity, I feel we still need to go deeper. Please see the following link which talks about the cellular theory of diseaase (Bechamp) versus the germ theory (Pasteur).    It is crucial in understanding why our bodies cannot live symbiotically with all of these pathogens. The pharmaceutical corporations will continue to modify their theories to boost the sale of drugs. They are in the business to make profits....which is understandable. This is why it is up to the citizen to do their own research as to why our bodies are not handling the pathogens acceptably. The Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation also has many of the answers to these questions. There is no magic pill. Instead we need to understand the real true basis for disease.


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