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Change Is Inevitable ~ Change Is Good.

Posted Jun 09 2009 11:09pm
I saw my LLMD last Wednesday after Joel's initial visit. We were so overwhelmed and "spacey" with Joel's clinical diagnosis of Lyme that my exam results were secondary and hard to take in. Today they are at the forefront in my mind due to a big change coming my way.

Dr. V. believes I have the H Pylori bacteria and a possible stomach ulcer. She is not putting me through any invasive testing, but did do a blood test. I am off of all the meds and anything that is causing the relentless stomach pain and burning, etc. I had already been off of meds for one week so now after almost 2 weeks I am having an increase of old symptoms. Anyway, now I am supposed to take Pepto tablets AND 3 antibiotics that will kill this off and heal my stomach. One of the antibiotics is also a Lyme cyst buster. Okay, I have never been able to take more than 5 pills a day and now I am going to be taking 20???? Needless to say I am a bit anxious about this, but am determined to try.

Secondly, Dr. V told me, "If you stay on antibiotics it will be FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE." I am one of those Lymies I guess. I am really quite sad about how damaged my body is from this horrible disease..and her words, even though I have wondered if this was true, were shocking to hear.

Dr V. wants me to look at an herbal protocol in the near future. I had already been thinking about this and looking up info. for a couple of months. It started with me finding the site, Peaceful Acres and how the woman there became well from Lyme after having undiagnosed Lyme for 37 years. She used herbs, and other alternative treatments, diet, etc. Someone else has shared with me that she and her family do the herbal protocol and it is helping too. I have less Lyme symptoms on antibiotics and neurological and muscle strength improvements, but then other symptoms caused by the meds themselves crop up...and now this H Pylori bacteria. I have always preferred alternative medicine and with Dr. V's support and continued help I am all for it. Change is good.

I decided not to start the H Pylori treatment until after my two oldest daughters and their kids leave...they come Sat. for a short visit, but I want to be able to enjoy the precious time we do have together. I get to spend so little time with my family. Our youngest daughter is having a birthday party for her son who is turning one.

Joel and I have so much to take in and process. He is now on a 3 week elimination diet which in itself takes alot of work ~ we wait for test results for his diagnosis of Lyme~ and now my treatment causing the bacteria and possible ulcer. Good grief! No wonder we are stressed. Looks like we will need extra porch time.
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