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Celebrating Grilled Cheese & Pen & Paper

Posted Jun 30 2012 4:48pm

grilled cheese Last June, I started to have an acute onset of common, uncommon, & just plain bizarre symptoms.  There were enough to fill up a few episodes of Mystery Diagnosis.  Seemingly overnight, I could not lift things as small as a few pounds, feed myself, or cut up food (i.e. cheese & fruits).  Activities that used to be simple, like cooking, were too painful & I lacked the coordination to prepare food.  The symptom that took me the most by surprise was the inability to write.  Initially I could not hold a pen or pencil plus the letters seemed to be mixed up in my brain.  Even when I was able to successfully hold a pen or pencil a few months later, the letters were still mixed up in my brain.  Slowly I have been able to overcome or learn to live with these symptoms.  Instead of focusing on what I am unable to do, I try to remember what I can do (though not always successfully).

Celebration #1:  Earlier this week, I was able to prepare & cook a grilled cheese sandwich, independently, without using a microwave or burning it.  To most people, that may sound like a simple task.  Instead of taking it for granted, I am celebrating this accomplishment even though it was quite challenging.

Celebration #2:  Utilizing the techniques I applied when teaching children how to write, I started to practice writing dot to dot.  I am celebrating that I am now capable of writing a shopping list!  It is great that I spent so much time teaching handwriting even though I never anticipated that I would have to use the techniques on myself.

Next week, I see the Lyme doctor to discuss the PICC line insertion & starting the treatments.  Even though it will likely be the greatest challenge in my life, I am ready to get started.  It is a process where you get worse before you get better but the turtle, not the rabbit, wins this race.  Perhaps I will even cross the finish line with a grilled cheese sandwich in one hand & a paper I wrote in the other!

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