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can you get a bullseye rash from anything besides lyme disease??

Posted by megnog67

i got bit by something and it swelled up fo about a week. then once it stopped itching and started going away i got a bullseye rash that spread overnight around he infected area. i went to urgent care and they said that it wasnt lyme disease and that it was just an infection and gave me 2 weeks of antibiotics. do bullseye rashes derive from anything else ...or do they always indicate lyme disease??
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They are specific to Lyme Disease, I believe. Here's the sad part- many doctors do not admit that Lyme can be passed through anything other than a tick. There is so much controversy surrounding the disease that information is often skewed or difficult to come by. What antibiotics are you taking? If they target Lyme, then you should be alright. If not, then I would see another doctor immediately. 
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