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Can Lyme disease cause long-term seizures?

Posted by Le

I was dx with LD three years after I got sick. I got sick in 1985 and was finally dx in 1988. I was treated three times (2 intravenous and one oral) over the ourse of a year. The end result seemed successful, but I continued having chronic migraines and in 1994, I believe I had my first seizure. I'm not sure what kind it was, but I saw something in front of me that wasn't really there. No seizing, and I was fairly aware of my surroundings. No one else noticed anything amiss at the time of the episode. Neeedless to say, I didn't mention this to anyone! About a year later, I had another episode like the first. Then in 2001, I was driving and had, what I think was, an absence seizure, resulting in a significant car accident. Dx seizure disorder, px Lamictal. Do you think the seizure disorder was caused by LD?
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