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Baseline For Living A Pace Of Grace

Posted Sep 21 2010 4:26pm
This past week was tough, After our trip to the wizards of oz, Joel and I did not take time necessary to recover. The trip pushed us into adreneline surge #4,635 and we just kept riding the wave......until we both hit some kind of wall at different times. As one friend says, "Feeling better is dangerous." When our energy improved we feel so darn good it is hard not to throw caution to the wind! We are still trying to regain our energy levels. So, taking inspiration from Shelli and Jo's activity and baseline lists, Sue's links to the articles on Post Exercise Malaise, and my target setting group (connected to Bruce Campbell's program) working on "pacing", I decided to get my own list written up and take it more seriously. Just where is my baseline? What can I tolerate activity wise? How do I pace?
Activities that give me energy* or that I can normally tolerate well with no energy drain:

Watching easy going TV shows
Writing on paper/Drawing
Bible Study/devotions
10 minutes on the computer
*Meditation CD's
Getting dressed for the day
Reading emails or getting letters from family and friends
Getting snacks or rewarming lunch.
*Sitting on Porch
*Resting after activities/taking 2 long rests/naps per day

Activities that I normally tolerate with an energy drain requiring 5-15 minutes of rest:
Writing posts on computer
Spending 30 minutes or less on computer
Walking up and down stairs in house
Doing a couple minutes of dishwashing/picking up
Walking out to the curb to get the mail
Watching/participating in live online church services
Going for a short drive in town
Preparing Lyme herbs and supplements for the day.

Activities that create an energy drain requiring 30-60 minutes rest
Talking on the phone 15-30 minutes
Walking a steady 2-3 minutes for exercise
Helping cook or cooking a light meals
Paying the bills
Spending over 30 minutes on computer
Watching a stressful TV show
Household chore

Activities that can trigger moderate post exercise malaise requiring 3 or more days rest and little activity.


Out of the norm emotional stress


Doctor appointments

Having people over for a visit

Having family come stay

Having a cold or flu

I am hoping that I can access where I can spend less energy~ like on the computer~ so I have energy for something else. More balance in my days. I do have warning symptoms that come up when I am doing too much, like an increase of internal shaking, or an increase in being wired but tired. I just need to listen and learn, so I can live more of a pace of grace!

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