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Posted Feb 25 2012 2:36pm
The recent Embers study on persistence of Borrelia Burgdorferi in Rhesus Macaques following antibiotics treatment   here  is opening up much needed debate.

Recently Lyme Policy Wonk has been running a series of posts about this research available here 

The comments are well worth reading to the latest post on the above link.

So many questions need answering and Philip Baker doesn't seem to be convincing many in his answers.

Hopefully this Embers study proving persisters will start the process of who knew what and when?

No matter that Baker says 'Furthermore, the significance of the results reported by Embers et al. with respect to human disease are far from clear and remain to be established. Sufficient information was not provided to indicate that the antibiotic regimen used was adequate to clear the disseminated infection, specially since ceftiofur — not ceftriaxone — was used. Since ceftiofur differs significantly from ceftriaxone in structure, one can not assume that it has the same PK/PD properties or even the same MID. Furthermore, ceftiofur has not been approved for use in human studies and its efficacy for the treatment of borreliosis — in humans and/or in animals– has not been established. More important, no evidence is provided to indicate that “persistors” — even those taken up by ticks in the xenodiagnosis experiments are infective and cause disease.'

He might argue about the subtle differences of Ceftiofur and Ceftriaxone but he cannot argue over the fact that 60 days of Doxycycline followed 30 days of Ceftiofur and even with that was unable to clear persisters. Here in the UK even if you are lucky enough to be diagnosed you rarely get prescribed more than one or two weeks antibiotics.

Furthermore he questions if persisters -----are infective and cause disease. Patients are sick and some of us respond well to antibiotics given long term we didn't have time to wait for research to prove how and why.

Most importantly the study itself says 'Finally, the use of variable and pulse-dosing regimens of antibiotics may improve efficacy  [43]  and this warrants testing in an appropriate model.'

 Allen Barbour  one of the authors of this study is sufficiently convinced in the persistence of this organism that he quotes it in his applications for vaccines '[0145]“This mechanism of genetic switching appears to be different from any other antigenic variation mechanism described in bacteria or protozoa and has important implications in Lyme disease. By combining different regions of the silent vls cassettes, it is possible for many different vlsE serotypes to coexist the same patient. It may be impossible for the host to mount a protective response against any one of these clonal populations, because of the small number of each type. Even mounting a response against one serotype would not protect against rapidly evolving, new serotypes.”
Application number: 12/853,019Publication number: US 2010/0317026 A1Filing date: Aug 9, 2010

Anyway less of my comments go to Lyme Policy Wonk   here  to get an idea of who knew what and when. 

What has allowed this research to be suppressed for 12 years whilst patients have been denied treatment?

Here in the UK there are a growing number of patients being diagnosed with Lyme Disease and yet what efforts have been made by our Department of Health to raise awareness of this disease which can be avoided with simple precautions and can be treated more easily if caught in the early stages?

I was lucky my arthritis and muscle weakness responded well to antibiotics and led my GP to consider Lyme Disease as a differential diagnosis. I recovered, how many patients with Arthritis and muscle weakness get better on just oral antibiotics.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS, Musculo Skeletal Disease Polymyalgia Rheumatica none of the medications given for those illnesses made much difference thankfully antibiotics did.

How many more people will suffer while those responsible for our health play 'monkey business' with the science?
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