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Antibiotics or Lyme Disease That's Making You Crazy?

Posted Sep 11 2009 2:02pm

So far so good.

If you received my last newsletter then you know that I was bitten again by a tick about a week ago, but THIS TIME I was prepared for it. ( If you didn’t read it, read it here on my Lyme Disease Blog. Just scroll down until you get to the title Bitten By A Tick Again! Read what I did to fight it quickly! )

The good news is that I still don’t have any symptoms from the tick bite and the rash from the

bite is about 80% better. This is great news knowing that it took my bull’s eye rash from a deer tick in 2003, almost 4 years to go away!

I expected the aftermath of this new infection to go exactly the way it’s going. My theory is correct. I strongly believe if you prep your body for invaders then your body can fight efficiently. After all, we have an immune system! It’s wondrous and science still doesn’t tell us exactly how it works.

So no symptoms at all from the actual infection. BUT, I’m having some negative symptoms
from the Doxy
I decided to take as a SUPER PRECAUTION. Because I could identify the tick (Dog Tick), the subsequent rash is most likely RMSF; s
ee the picture on my blog . I knew that taking a short course of Doxy is just a good way to be super prudent in this situation.

Had I not known I was bitten or developed a rash of any kind (remember, when you get a rash it means you’ve already been exposed to that bacteria/pathogen), like most people, I’m still pretty confident that because of my preparation, my lifestyle, and the health tools * I use everyday that my body would be able to fight effectively. *I'll be talking about many more things I used in the future, because I have an opinion on just about everything.

Who knows when I’ll be bitten again! Who knows how many times any of us have been bitten or how many times we will continue to be bitten and exposed to the same
diseases. I refuse to live in a bubble. I refuse not to go outside because I enjoy being outside.

Physiological Problems From Antibiotics

I know lots of people are on long term antibiotics to try to reduce their load of bacteria from
tick born illnesses. Unfortunately, when you pick up your prescription there is no warning that says MAY CAUSE YOU TO ACT UNLIKE YOURSELF. I’m sure Big Pharma would say that these antibiotics do have some side effects but they would never cause mental problems.

What I noticed this time around, is that as soon as I started taking the Doxy I had severe depression. It was like my mood had changed from PERKY to MELANCHOLY within hours.My guess for why this happened is because I had some testing done to prove that I can’t detox antibiotics well. Which means a little goes a long way and taking medications or exposing myself to certain pollutants will cause other negative symptoms to occur, including MENTAL issues.

In fact, I believe most people have some type of defunct enzymes in their detox pathways which
won’t allow processing of certain chemicals. This is how evolution continues. Genes change over time. It’s the same reason why so many white people (mostly Anglo-Saxons) have problems with gluten or have allergies to wheat (because we've been eating it for thousands of years).

Now Bartonella, one of the stars of Lyme Disease is bacteria that can cause rage in people and it is bad enough to have. I believe most people with Lyme Disease have Bartonella. A sick tick…is carrying a plethora of bacteria. But getting on medications to treat Lyme Disease can cause a DOUBLE WHAMMY OF EMOTIONAL TURMOIL.

Think about the chimp who “ripped off the face of his caretaker” and did you read the part where the chimp was being treated for Lyme Disease. Not only did he have Lyme, but he was also on medication. I believe that chimp was having a serious out of body experience due to bacteria and drugs. Obviously living with an adult chimp is a choice most of us would not make, but I’m sure this probably would not have happened if the circumstances were different.

And how about that kid inTennessee who went into his church and shot his preacher earlier this year? The mom was reported saying that her son wasn’t behaving like himself and he was being treated for Lyme Disease.

As some of you know I’m writing a tell-all book about my Movie-Like-Audacious life of track and
field and full recovery from Lyme Disease. And I will tell you there is a part in the book about how insane I was becoming while being on high doses of antibiotics. (I was plotting to kill my neighbors at one point and that is very creepy, because it is 100% true.)

Live near Greenville, South Carolina? Come See Me Speak

I’m speaking to The Greenville Lyme Group on Saturday, June 13th at 1:00. Please email Kathleen ( ) about attending. Come and bring your friends. I’ll make it fun, entertaining
and I’ll answer questions.

Commenting On Blog

The blog is a good way to post questions and make comments if you want to show off your knowledge of Lyme Disease. I will place each week’s newsletter there so that you can find that newsletter and post under it your comment.

If you’re an angry, bitter Lymie, please don’t post or I will remove you. There are plenty of forums for venting. My blog and website are for people who are ready to get better and move on with their lives. It’s not for anyone who has been waiting to die or wanting to die. You'd be surprised at how many people do give up!

You have 2 days- Less Than 48 hrs.

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Getting the essentials balanced is a MUST for people who want to live optimally and it’s a MUST for people who are sick (from Cancer to Lyme to even Autism). It’s so important I make all my friends and family take it. And I can’t seem to shut up about it because I know it will make a difference in your life. To view these products go to:

Expect the best,


Contact Arden For Lyme Coaching:

P.S. Next newsletter I will talk about MMS (ins and outs and overall feelings.)

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