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Posted May 17 2013 2:31pm
Alright, I have some answers.

First of all, I saw my naturopath on Wednesday. She was shocked as to my current status and quietly forlorn, aiding me through the mire. Here are the main issues causing this flare
1) Major parasites
2) Massive inflammation
3) Toxicity
4) Overwhelming bodily change

I was doing too many things at once while incubating infection and unbalance.

The next issue, and why my body is inflamed in the first place, is magnesium. I had an IV last Thursday and forgot to question its contents. Sadly, at the first clinic I attended when I had the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, my body was pumped with so much magnesium I began to develop an intolerance. Now, if I even look at the stuff, my lungs swell and I can barely breathe. This was the main cause.

I was ill and run down to begin with. The Magnesium Vitimin C IV killed my reserve and left me hardly taking in air for a week. I am still dealing with the consequences. But now, I have a comprehensive plan.

The first approach was to bring down the inflammation, kill the flare. I created a three hour pulse of Aller-C (a combination between Quercetin and Vitimin C) and Nux Vomica. After the three hours, every hour upon the hour I took one Aller-C and ten drops of Nux Vomica. Thereafter, three times daily I ingest both. I immediately began to feel heavy and lethargic. It has been two days and I cannot quite tell if it is working, perhaps I was too far gone and have much cleanup to complete.

The next step was to have an Aminosyn IV, a two hour trek into the veins resulting in three pokes for me. This frightened me as usually, I have rather juicy veins. Over the past month however, my veins have shriveled to the mark of a ballpoint pen. Why? Do I dare ask?

The IV helped drastically but not completely. Why am I still so sick? Maybe the issue needs time, otherwise the parasites are blocking my path to betterment.

Ah, yes, the infernal beings crowding my insides. It feels as if I will never rid myself of them. Killing them is extremely difficult. It causes upset in the brain (psychosis and the release of brain metals), swelling, and much pain of the organs and musculature. Treatment must be strategic and governed closely by a doctor. This was the mistake I made last time. I don't know if chronic, low grade treatment over a year's time is better than a three month whack. I just don't know anymore and I feel like the issue is being prioritized as opposed to treated. I have had rashes on my legs for months. Why wait until the problem overshadows everything else? I am put off as of now.

My plan is to slowly kill the parasites until I am stable, detox from the splint, switch my psych med (top priority), detox from Oxycodone, continue aligning my spine and jaw, then brain map. Whew.

My current treatment for the parasites is
1) Monday, Wednesday, Friday use a Nexxus Suppository
2) MMS enema twice weekly
3) A couple rounds of Biltricide

Hopefully this will get my on track. I have doubts, but when is that ever not the case? I am a skeptical person by default.

The last key to this equation is detox. As I am detoxing from the dental splint I need to somehow reign it in gently. For some reason I must inquire about further, my doctor is having all of is patients drink miso soup, in my case, for detox, with a small amount of organic cilantro bobbing around the top. I must also create a cilantro poultice to help detox, of which I do not know how to do. I have the tincture, that is the first step. The last aspect to delicate detox is Biosil, a recuperative formula dribbled into water at the rate of ten drops per session.

Luckily, my body is at least tolerating this treatment plan. I am leaving for a road trip vacation on Saturday, hoping my body holds up. Wish me luck.

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