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An Interesting Day....Week.....Month.....Year!

Posted Mar 18 2011 10:39am
Well, friends, just when you think things cannot get any more dramatic....Surprise!  As most of you know I have been having what I was sure was gallbladder symptoms. My NAET practitioner tested and found the gallbladder was under duress.   I cut out fats, all meats but chicken, no seeds or nuts, etc., added an herb to help the gallbladder, and felt a bit better.  Slowly added back my herbs, etc. and some foods...and things went downhill again.  Then two weeks ago I began to have terrible burning in my stomach and up into my chest a bit.  I was uncomfortable all the time, sometimes with awful pain.

I went to the local doctor a week ago and she listened, pushed once on gallbladder area and once at breastbone area...Yikes!  That one hurt.  Acid reflux she said.  I requested an ultrasound to rule out gallbladder and check things out in there due to cancer a year ago.  It is one year ago I had surgery for cancer.  That test was on Monday.

Late yesterday I went for a short walk (4 minutes) and when I came back the pain increased in my upper stomach, chest and in my back. Pain that would not subside.  Light headed and feeling weak added to the mix.  Joel was worried it was my heart and off to ER we went.  Right before leaving,  my doctor's nurse called and said the ultrasound from Monday was normal in all areas. 

Going to the ER is risky for someone with MCS.  And ours is under construction.  I went anyway.  ALL tests were normal there too.  Chest Xray, EKG, blood work, etc.  nothing found.  He did suggest an endoscopy for stomach to rule out ulcer and a colonoscopy.   ER doc diagnosed.....acid reflux!  They gave me milanta but thank goodness I refused the lidocaine they wanted to put in it!  I ended up with terrible cramps and spent 2 hrs in bathroom during the night! 

We are trying to see all this drama as good news in the fact that they have not seen any cancer on the ultrasound, and even though this acid reflux is nasty stuff from what I have been told, have experienced and read about, it is not fatal.  It is just that, well we are BOTH so tired of something else going wrong!

For now, I am trying an acid blocker in case esophagus is raw (stomach is) and pepcid for ant-acid relief.  Joel has already made wood blocks to lift my bed 2 inches and that may go up to 4.  I can no longer lay down for 3 hrs after I eat, must not eat after 6pm at night, limit foods (maybe a liquid diet?!#?)  and of course, NOT get stressed :)....Of course! 

I have lost 13lbs now, so the more weight I lose the better I will feel.....just a rotten way to lose it!  Our blogger friend Linda has been very helpful, and a couple of my ME/CFS target group friends have this too.  I hope to not stay on meds for it ~ Will be heading to Dr. V or at least a phone consult for this soon.  I trust her more than anyone as she knows my body so well.

Spring is right around the corner ~ a new season~ I am ready for it!
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