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Am I taking enough antibiotics for Lyme Disease?

Posted by VictoriaNY

I have the classic bulls-eye ring around a red center.  I have had it before so I'm familiar with the rash.  However, the doctor at the clinic I went to only gave me a 10 day treatment of Doxycycline.  He said he wasn't sure it was Lyme Disease because the rash usually goes away after about five days.  I do not believe this is the case for me. Everything I read says I should be taking it for at least 14 days.  What do you think?

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Information regarding Lyme Disease is entirely skewed through mainstream medicine due to the influence of insurance companies and biased study. If you have already had the Bull's Eye rash and feel the disease was not treated properly, chances are you still have it. Two weeks of antibiotics are standard, if you have catch the disease before it becomes systemic. If your doctor is giving you ten days of Doxy, it is possible he or she does not understand the danger of the disease. My suggestion is to be safe with this sucker. It's a tough road if not properly treated. Take care and good luck.  


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