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A Tonsil Recovery Map (Thus Far)

Posted Jan 25 2014 3:12pm
Day 1: The Surgery

I spent the majority of my ride home, aware and speaking. I nearly vomited due to anesthesia, though I have a special trick for when this happens and thus did not. The pain was startling, though not nearly as dark as anticipation had preceded. It felt like abrasive and crystallized cotton candy had replaced by tonsils. I believe this padded feeling was the numbness slowly wearing off. Due to ample pain killers, I slept randomly through the day. I maintained a feeling of well being.

A relevant note: the choice of a painkiller was made a little more complex by the fact that I am both on Oxycodone, and have been on a higher dose of the drug for four years. I am dependent, and have worked down from nine pills to three pills over the past year. I have developed a tolerance to the med, but could not combine another drug with this one. So, we settled on Percocet (a combination of Tylenol and Oxycodone- for this short duration). I must imbibe ever 4-6 hours.

On this first day, the pain was not as intense as it would become.

Day 2: The Worst (thus far)

Anesthetic mostly vaporized, I was left with a medication induced awareness of the pain. Activities were still off limits, which wasn't a bother because I slept. I couldn't eat a thing, unlike the day prior when I had the applesauce. Still, one of the most important things I could do was push fluids. If I did not, nausea, swelling, fevers, and potential complications would occur. My throat felt indecently raw, sharp in its irritation, and heavy with gunk. I was still nauseous from the day before, but less so. Drinking water, not fruit infused, not carbonated, and not acidic in any way, was my ultimate goal. I painfully nursed a glass of filtered water all throughout the day and certainly felt the difference. Straws are required for tonsillectomy patients. Ah, I believe I also had a Popsicle.

Day 3: Just As Bad

The pain did not shift in any way. Only the bleeding had stopped.

Today, it was my difficult duty to take the two remedies my naturopath gave me. I failed in my meticulousness and only drank what I could tolerate. Here are remedies for swelling, pain, nausea, and working the anesthetic out of the system
Traumeel Pain Relief Oral Drops- (a reputable brand if you're looking online is simply called Traumeel) when dealing with acute symptoms or injuries, take 10 drops every hour, not exceeding 120 drops per day, until the symptoms have subsided, then reduce to ten drops every 4-6 hours. I have used the gel before, not finding it effective. However, I haven't used this enough to tell the result. I am unsure as to where it is sold because I bought it from Dr X's clinic.

Nux Vomica Homacccord- (Heel is a good brand) Take 10 drops three times daily until the bottle has run out. Then, the remedy has waved its spirochetal wand and the residual anesthetic has been helped out of the body.
I can include some locations of these online, if any of my readers are interested.

Today, was committed to consistent drinking and food internalization. I learned the hard way yesterday that I must constantly alternate between food, drink, and remedy. Still had trouble keeping food down my poisoned throat, though lovely Mom made a special vegan custard with maple syrup and it settled the entirety of my body. I will include the recipe here in the next couple of days. I have nothing to do but blog.

Was able to watch the first 3rd season episode of Downton Abbey. Can't help but like Thomas He's simply misunderstood! Will I never learn?

Day 4: Ever So Slight Lift

Took in plenty of fluids, though the pain was still great. I was able to attend a 15 minute drive with mother chauffeur about the neighborhood. The fact that I was ready for a change of pace is a sign of improvement. Also, with mother film buff, I watched Woody Allen's new flick, Blue Jasmine. Simply lush, A Streetcar Named Desire with a delicate hand. Tennessee Williams is one of my favorite playwrights simply because he said, "A cloche is an unfortunate hat". Out of the lines I've read of his, that particular one stuck.

Pain-wise, I did not notice improvement until the end of the day. My low points, as a pattern across my body, are 7 am, 11 am, 7 pm. Around 7 pm, I noticed both an ability to swallow more water at once (without it defecting to the nose valve) and a vague reduction of overall sting. Finally, I felt minute relief.

It is my homework now to: eat more, take my remedies, and learn how to best utilize these pain killers.

Getting there. Slowly, but I will.

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