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A Place of Harmony

Posted Aug 04 2009 6:17pm
I would like to make my home a place of balance, harmony, and grace. My home being not only my house, but my body ~ the two places where I live. I know that the peace I yearn for will need to come from within. First, for my mind as I walk through grief, fear, loss of control, sadness, anger, and I am sure a few other emotions on my way to acceptance once again. Second, for my body as I seek the best ways for it to heal. One step at at time on the road to harmony. Hey, I think that could be a country song!

I can see the entry of this place as a garden gate, arched, and covered with vines and beautiful flowers. There is no latch on this gate, it is open to all who wish to enter. On the other side is all I long for. Healing, peace, balance, grace, and an everlasting sense of harmony. Jody at NCubator spoke about homeostasis ~ balance ~ in an article she recently wrote. This gave me hope and encouragement to keep searching for what I desire.

I try to spend time visualizing this garden gate, and I walk through it finding a bench to sit on. While sitting on this bench I wait for God or an angel to speak to me. The first time I did this visualization, a faceless person came to me and placed a white flower in my hand. I searched the Internet for photos of this flower and I believe it is an apple blossom....and the meaning is renew...rebirth....which is also the meaning of my name! The second time I did this, the whole garden was filled with these blossoms. When I asked what I needed to hear, the words came to my mind, "Be content". The third time, "Be willing". When I went to the garden last week I experienced only silence, which is not my favorite companion.. Today I started going back to the garden and asking God what I need to heal. He will answer me in His time and in His way.

Linda Popov in her book "A Pace of Grace" was asked if it was her imagination that "answered her" when she spoke to God or visualized a holy figure speaking to her. She said, of course it is, that is one way God speaks to me is through my mind. I believe that God speaks to us in many different ways, through other people, through his Word, through, devotionals, through visualization. If we are open to hear Him, He will speak to us. On my journey to a place of harmony I will keep my eyes open to be able to see what I need to see....and I will keep my ears tuned in to what I need to hear.

To read more about harmony... ~ go over to Jody's site Ncubator (CFS/ME) and read her article on homeostasis. It clearly spoke to me today. Actually all her articles are very helpful!
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