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A New Season

Posted Nov 26 2012 1:02pm

Last year at this time both Joel and I were struggling.  Joel's mom was very ill and he spent Thanksgiving sitting by her hospital bed.  Fatigue consumed him along with the relentless brain fog and neurological issues.  He came home for a few days before he was called back to NW Minnesota to hold vigil by her bedside.  God gave him the needed strength to do what he had to do.  We were both so thankful he could sit with her until she died, as it  was so important to him.  Coming home again, it took him a long time to recover from those days.

I was home with Levi trying to stay afloat while grieving from afar.  Grieving the loss of Joel's mom and grieving the fact that I was too sick to be with him during his time of loss.  I was also in the middle of PTS flashbacks from the recent memories of sexual abuse surfacing.  I never knew when one would occur and felt very vulnerable to their unpredictability.  The Lyme was keeping me housebound and in my recliner.  Each  day was a challenge for both of us.

Add to this the blaring fact that, like most with Lyme Disease, we were going further and further into debt from all the years of treatments that insurance did not cover.  We were not seeing much progress, and wondered how much longer we could keep going. We felt we were going to end up being a burden to our children and we hated that.

It was a difficult season.

Moving one year ahead, we are amazed at the changes that have occurred.  Last January Joel was healed through prayer.  Overnight.  My healing is progressive...slow....but moving forward.  The bugs are dead and gone and repair is needed for the havoc Lyme bacteria caused throughout my body. 

This Thanksgiving our family came home to visit.  We kept up with the group, and also managed shopping, cleaning, baking and cooking before they arrived.  I spent a great deal of time on my feet helping out, playing Wii games, and even walked to the river twice.  Joel enjoyed visiting, playing cribbage and on the Wii and helped out. 

More progress:  Joel is working as an Interim part time in retirement.  We are moving quickly out of debt and  Lyme doctors are a thing of the past. There are still a few minor challenges for me, but life is good.  There is a time for every season and we are giving thanks and praise for where we are now.

It is a new season. 
 Friends,never ever give up.
There is always    
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