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Posted Feb 05 2011 12:00am

Im starting to have some success with the coil machine treatments… success meaning that I am getting headaches…. some pretty good headaches….

the strange fact is that im responding to different frequencies that I didnt think that i would…. I thought I would respond much to the bartonella and lyme… but it seems more liek I am responding to the mycoplasma fermentans and babesia…. we will see how things work out….

Im also treating my neighbor whose body is overrun with infection as well… she is responding with bacterial dieoffs as well…. finally i am treating my cat who is also sick….. she seems to have a chronic eye infection via chlamydia bacteria and maybe bartonella… she lays down right next to the coil while I treat her… doesnt mind whatsoever… the coil is warm and she likes that…. its too early to claim victory yet… but I really think I am on to something here…

I have been fishing for extra frequencies as well….. im not quite sure what disease or bacteria I am fighting… I do know im in alot of pain and am responding so far…. therefore i am gaining confidence in this procedure…

the mad scientist is figuring this out…

you have to figure that usually there is an underlying bacteria or virus for every ailment… western medicine gives unique names to thousands of problems but neglect to talk about the actual names of bacterias which are causing them… for example multiple sclerosis in fact does have underlying bacterias that are causing this disease to begin with…. kill the bacteria=kill the disease


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