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Posted Nov 14 2009 10:02pm

139.5 lbs….. 

Castor oil day….   another one glad to be over.  I think I will finish having to drink the oil in about 3 months.  If there is anything in the world I will not miss more than a punch in the groin, its drinking this horrible oil.  I mine as well drink motor oil. 

Alot of new projects starting at the farm….  a couple of surprises too!  will have pics up soon.  Currently, I just bought a giant teachers board to make a huge list of all seeds.  I am trying to keep things organized.  Different seeds with different requirements for growing.  Also building a little case to store all the seeds.  I have bought just about all open pollinated seeds so they can be reused.  Hybrid seeds are are made specially for one use.  I am not too interested in this although they are usually better at resistance to disease.  We are looking into getting a couple honey bee hives started as well.  This will help with the pollination of the plants who require it. 

I had to bring back the other fridge……  Funny blunder story about that.  The last fridge looked very old and old style…  You never really know what your buying here in Thailand especially when it is second hand.  I was wondering why it was so loud, so very cold, and leaked so much water……..   well IT WAS A FREEZER.  a BLUNDER——–

I had my secretary go pick it out and buy that….  who does speak fluent thai and even the sales people negelecting to tell him so!  The sales people here NEVER say no.  They apologized afterwards.  I had to upgrade to a newer better model regardless.  This one ended up costing about 600 dollars US.  It still looks like it has a good 10 years life left in it.  I would say in about 60-90 days this fridge should be well stocked with all the wonderful new veggies on the way! 



You can see inside the fridge is quite full for just one person eating on this therapy.  I usally go through this much in one weeks time.  This is where the juicing really enables to access a multitute and magnitude of vitimins to make sure the body is optimally fighting disease. 

The following below is a picture of my right ankle.  Its a little hard to see for my camera phone doesnt really take the best of pictures for closeups.  I think you are able to see some signs of whay I was referring to last post about dying bacteria.  This is a good sign, a sign of hope for me.  I dont mind taking 2 years to get rid of this……..  I want just want some assurance along the way.  Females expect the same thing in long term realtionships…….  ASSURANCE  …..  oh and money too.


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