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My name is Lyda. My blog is about my life, my arthritis, my projects and adventures. I'm a 20-something girl who was diagnosed when I was 12. Now I'm married, have two kitty children, and running around like crazy getting myself into all sorts of shenanigans. This blog is about those shenanigans.
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Stay In Control & Do Your Research!

6:00am – Wake up 6:15am – Get out of bed 6:16am – Take medicine (repeat every 4-6 hours) 6:17am – Go about the rest of the...

New Orleans, Here We Come!

We are leaving tonight for our trip and I'm going back and forth between being crazy excited and just plain crazy. I've mentioned that this...

My Tips For Traveling With Arthritis

I've been scouring the internet for tips on traveling with arthritis lately and received mix results. Many of these lists mentioned things...

Travel Prep

It's travel time again! On Wednesday night we'll be taking a red-eye flight headed for New Orleans and I'm super...

Getting Controversial

I was reading my daily news websites this morning when I noticed headlines about the infamous day that is April 20th. 4/20 . . . apparently...

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