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The Survivor by alupussurvivor 5 Comments I am a 42 year old single African- American mom currently battling systemic lupus in its more severe form. June, 2004, I narrowly escaped death when a very sudden and agg ... Read on »
The Mission by alupussurvivor Make "non-chronically ill" aware of the comprhensive effect of chronic illness on every aspect of a "survivors" being... mind , body , & spirit . Provide basic ... Read on »
The Life by alupussurvivor 1 Comment By the time I was 18 years old my mother gave birth to my half sister, but the joy of her birth was soon overcast by my mother’s severe postpartum depression, which led to y ... Read on »
Visit me on FaceBook by Toni Kaste I post articles much more on FaceBook lately.  Lots of issues lately. Was inches away from a divorce, Still in relationship limbo. Lupus (or something) ... Read on »
Pre-Thanksgiving Day Maddness! Take 30% of your Pillfold Colina purchase. by Sara G. Patient Expert   Hey - if #WalMart can do it, so can Sara Gorman's Pillbags! We're starting our #blackfriday savings early this year. Starting today, take 30% (yes, I said 30%!) off t ... Read on »
The Power of Sleep: my new favorite article on one of my favorite things. by Sara G. Patient Expert Sleep, as you know, is critical for me. I need a lot of it, and at specific times during the day. It's paramount for my health and wellness, and it's become an ind ... Read on »
Walk to End Lupus Now: Virtual Walking Today by Lupus Adventurer Virtual Walker Today, I have an important previous long-standing commitment that has me heading out the door in about 15 minutes, but not to today’s walk.  However ... Read on »
OTC bottles in the Pillpouch? You betcha! by Sara G. Patient Expert I love hearing from Despite Lupus readers. It always reminds me that I'm not crazy for feeling the way I do, or for fretting about the things I fret about. All of a sudden, ... Read on »
Living Well with Lupus: An Iterative process by Sara .. I'm still learning.  I'm still learning how to take care of myself. I'm still learning how to make good decisions.  And I'm still learning how to ask for help.  But I ... Read on »