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The Survivor by alupussurvivor 5 Comments I am a 42 year old single African- American mom currently battling systemic lupus in its more severe form. June, 2004, I narrowly escaped death when a very sudden and agg ... Read on »
The Mission by alupussurvivor Make "non-chronically ill" aware of the comprhensive effect of chronic illness on every aspect of a "survivors" being... mind , body , & spirit . Provide basic ... Read on »
The Life by alupussurvivor 1 Comment By the time I was 18 years old my mother gave birth to my half sister, but the joy of her birth was soon overcast by my mother’s severe postpartum depression, which led to y ... Read on »
The newest pillfold on the block - The Pillfold Center Point™ by Sara G. Patient Expert I'm excited to introduce a new Pillfold design  -- the Pillfold Center Point ™ , now available at . The geometric design is a new look for the pillfol ... Read on »
Thanking that I'm not Planking anymore! by Sara .. At the end of last year, (November 7th, to be exact), I blogged about an exercise challenge that I'd heard about from one of my retailers. It was called the 30-Day Plank Cha ... Read on »
Versatile Blogger Award Nomination - Thank you, Hannah, at Floraful! by Sara G. Patient Expert Thanks so much for the nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award, Floraful ! I appreciate the shout out, and am so glad to join you in the world of health blogging. Keep ... Read on »
Spending my time wisely by Sara G. Patient Expert Yesterday, I'd set aside 30-45 minutes after my nap to write today's blog post. But instead of writing, I chose to spend that time talking to my mom and dad on the phone. ... Read on »
Harga Oppo Yoyo Terbaru April 2015 by Charlene Y. Atchison Facebook Ketangguhan yang ada pada setiap bagian yang ditawarkan oleh Oppo pada setiap produknya membuat Oppo dari segi harga sangat mahal bagi beberapa kalangan kelas bawah. Dimana ... Read on »
Surgery, Strep, and Stroke. Busy week for the ladies in my life! by Sara G. Patient Expert This past week has been a busy one. Last Friday, Bernadette, my 4-year old, went in for a much anticipated surgery to remove her adenoids. It was an outpatient proc ... Read on »