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Your Skin and LUPUS

Posted Jul 19 2009 10:23pm

We all know that skin is one of the things that is affected by LUPUS. Especially those with discoid lupus. But according to those that I read eventually discoid will lead to SLE. And the rashes (in the face and even scalp which causes hair loss) are indicators that your lupus is active. When I was first diagnosed with LUPUS, I have those rashes. I have spend around ten days in the hospital when the malar rash (the red rash that appears across the cheeks) appeared. Though it’s ugly specially when it started to turned into brown I am still thankful of its existence because through it a diagnosis was made by my clueless doctors.

Yeah, believed it or not but my first doctors (which I think was a group of five medical professional) were really clueless as to what is happening to me. I was a guinea pig to them. When they saw the rash and an ANA test yields a borderline positive result, the head doctor (who happens to be a nephrologist) told me that I am the first case of LUPUS in their hospital. Could you believe that? Well, that’s ancient history. God really loves me because he gave me my rheumatologist after a fervent prayer of finding the right doctor.

I lost track. I am just writing about lupus effects on the skin. lol. Anyway, if you wanted to know more about it you can read the chat transcript about your skin and lupus here.

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