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I am a Filipino but I admit I seldom watched Filipino series (or what we locally call TELENOVELA). Honestly, I am sometimes pissed by the barrage of dramas thats why our tv is only tuned in to either Playhouse Disney and Nick Jr. Before I got addicted to watching Asian Drama online I snob those dramas that are being dubbed.

How did I get started watching Asian Dramas - Well, it all started when I came across the MYSOJU website. At that time, 1st Shop of Coffee PRince was being aired locally and many are going crazy over Gong Yoo. I have to admit I was also taken by him being so handsome. But the dubbing of the drama was so disappointing as compared to the Korean version. When I watched it with english sub it was way better because you can hear true emotions unlike the dubbed dramas which sounds too comical for my ear. Since then, I started watching Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese drama one after another.

And in comparison to Filipino drama, sad to say we are being left behind. No wonder the television giants here in our country need to import dramas. And even produced a Philippine version of the Korean drama My girl. I do hope someday, Filipino drama will also run the online video streaming sites.

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