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What causes open sores to appear on sun exposed areas over night, no pain but bleed a lot when I bath and the tops comes off.

Posted by Anita

Have elevated CRP/in past positive ANA 1:180 speckled/ pain in hands wrists feet ankles/also have redness on cheeks and tops of arms most of the time/always have blood in urine tests and have for years, no infection just a lot of blood/been to 2 rheumatologist and one says it's just OA the other says don't know, have lupus and rheumatoid symptoms but no definite blood work support...could the sun have caused the sores, there's about 16 of them?  It's weird they're pin head size to pencil eraser size and feel like they have a knot under them.  Just wondered what you thought since when I go to doctor he just makes me feel stupid.  I keep thinking it's some type of lupus it runs in my family but I don't know.  The only thing that ever helped the pain was medrol iv therapy and that was just experimental to see what happened.  I'm just confused more now.  Thanks for any help you can give and do you think I need to see a 3rd rheumy or not?  I hate to look like I want something to be wrong with me but I would like to get up 1 day without my feet and hands hurting....Thanks again! 

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