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Went to see the nurse

Posted Sep 17 2009 10:21pm

I made an appointment to see the nurse because I have not felt so well for a few days. I was hurting and more worrying was having breathing problems. It just felt as if I was in an airless room all the time, there never seemed to be enough fresh air and I was feeling bad when breathing because of it. The there was the sleeping. I could not stay awake. I just kept falling asleep all the time.

The nurse checked my INR as I felt like I did before I went onto blood thinners. My INR was actually just over target at 3.6 so they doctor said to stay on the same dose of warfarin and come back in 4 weeks unless of course I felt bad. After getting the INR reading the nurse has to go and talk to the doctor to see what he says to do. He also sent a message via the nurse that if I do not feel better in a few days to make an appointment to see him. I do wonder if I might have a virus at the moment. Other members of the family are or have been unwell, also I take morphine so would I feel the same symptoms that one normally would with things like throat infections?

Today yet again I have got up and am so sore and tired. It is 11am and I have already had one nap. Got to stay awake this afternoon as I am meeting a friend for coffee. But what I really want to do at the moment is to go to sleep.

I have also sent a friend a text message today as she is getting married. We were invited to the wedding, but it is about 6 or 7 hours drive away and I am such a bad passenger that I would not cope with such a long journey. If we tried the train I am sure it would cost a lot of money, and I have never been on a plane without being sick.  Also the cost would have been about £80 for petrol. If we had gone on the train it would have been over £300 and that was if I had a disabled persons railcard without it then we were looking at nearly £500. The last option was  to fly there and that  would have cost us about £200. The costs were for two of us to go, but it is so much money.

Yesterday I came across a new blog it is the blog of a man who is stuck in hospital on traction. Some of the language is colourful to say the least, but it does show the frustration he is feeling. He also has a guessing game on his blog. The man posts a photo of the meal of the day and gets people to suggest what it was. It is not as easy as one would expect.

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