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Posted Dec 16 2010 4:54pm


I’m in full bloom with red leaves, like a tree before mid-fall

I feel like I haven’t been watered at all


Maybe because there was a drought this season

Watch how I can give all these reasons


Why I feel the way I do


I’ll be careful with how I communicate my feelings lest I lead some astray or aloof


My pillow is wet from my tears and covered in long strands of my hair that are no longer attached to my head

My legs won’t cooperate therefore I can’t even get out of bed


My face and body is red, brown, burning and itching

I am laying here and it is family, friends, companionship, and love relationships that I am missing


I am missing the ease of physical mobility

I am longing for peace and tranquility


All of this and I still consider myself to be in full bloom, like a tree before mid-fall

I am in need of a little water and need not to feel like I’m up against the wall


I have not stopped writing

I have not stopped dreaming


But I do notice that my mind is clinging

To everything that could’ve been


I’m banging and yelling at the top of my lungs

Yet no one will let me in


My pockets are empty and my purse is flat


My ambition is untamed

But the outward appearance of things doesn’t support such facts


I am in full bloom with red leaves, some leaves are beginning to turn brown and fall


My thirst is overwhelming

I feel like I haven’t been watered at all

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