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Was it lupus? Or did I really have 7 cases of mono over a 14 year period?

Posted by GinaDCCG

I am 53 year old female mother of 2. I was diagnosed with 7 cases of mono over a 14 year span from  1964 - 1978.  The last 2 cases were accompanied by periistent strep infections. The last case of "mono"  earned me a diagnostic work up at Emory U and  was attributed to toxoplasmosis.  Fatigue from this last case persisted for 2 years.  I married in 1983 and delivered full term, healthy babies in 1984 and 1986.  In 1990 I was diagnosed with thrombocytosis (platelet count over 100K.)  I was placed on warfarin therapy and platelets dropped to normal over the following 6 years. The warfarin was then discontinued.     Migraines began immedaitely after warfarin discontinued in 1986.  I experienced a series off scary TIAs beginning  in 2000 and was diagnosed with APLS in 2001 and resumed warfarin therapy.  The migraines and TIA stopped though some fatigue persisted . I was then diagnosed with Celiac in 2003  I have been GF for over 5 years and all blood  values have returned to normal and for the first time in my life I have tons of energy.  Is this what "normal" is supposed to feel like?  If so, then  "normal"  feels pretty damn good! What the **** was going on?  Is it more plausable that I really did have 7 cases of mono?  Or as a now-in-remission lupus diagnosis more likely?    Or did the toxopplasmosis cause all this?  Or a combination EB, CMV, toxo, strep and Celiac? .  I am a skeptic by nature and am drawn to the more elegant explanations -- and 7 case of mono in 14 years caused by a remarkable conjuctions of gluten.  EP, CMV and sick cats(No, I've never owned any cats -- I'm allergic)  with extraneous APLS  seems a bit far fetched to me. I am healthy now -- fatigue gone, energy levels high, "brain fog" all gone -- but I'm just curious.

 Igs, G, M and C all WAAAY above normal until I went GF.  All values have dropped since then.  Also, hemaglobin  which had  been low since age 4 has also returned to normal in the years since GF.  Monocyte values continue to be high.  Platelets continue to be normal, despite diagnosis of APLS -- diagnoises confrmed wth antiphospholipid antibody test; lupus anticoagulant was negative. I have remained stable on warfarin and the only post diagnoistic incident was when I tried backpacking and ended up with another TIA -- I conclude that the pressure of a heavy pack over the vessels is  No No for me.  Now I day hike only.

 My father had lupus and many of his brothers and sisters had RA, lupus and peripheral neuropathy.  At least one cousin on this side has  fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  My mother cured from bronchial TB on streptomycin, and, convinced that every case of sniffles I had as a child was TB, she exploited her divorced-wife-of-a-doctor influence to acquire and administer HUGE amounts of acromycin to me as a child. I have experienced constant tinnitis since I was 9.

 Again, I am helthy now and my APLS is currently well controlled.  I know that APLS puts me at risk for lupus and am most contienitious about exercise, diet and stress management.  I know what "sick" feels like and am therefore highly motivated to avoid feeling that way again.

 More ideas about what the *** was going on will (1), satisfy my curiousity but also (and more importantly;) (2) give me more info and tools about how to stay healthy and what health warning signs to pay particular attention to.

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