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Visit to GP and scan results.

Posted Nov 21 2008 4:20pm

When we went to bed Thursday night we had to set the alarm clocks for 6am as Michael was going to a breakfast briefing with our MP. It was to do with charities, and he and a friend run a charity and so they were invited to the meal.

For some reason it did not occur to either of us to reset the alarm clocks and so when I woke up and realised that it was 7:42 I panicked. I got downstairs faster than I have any morning for ages to find our 13 year old daughter getting herself ready for school. She was not bothered that she was having to get herself up and out for school whilst her mother slept.

It was a bad morning for her, she made her breakfast only to find, just before she bit into it that the toast was mouldy. Bread just does not seem to last these days. So she had to start all over again. Then she got her bag and went to put in the stuff that we had bought for the shoe box appeal. But we could not find the tennis ball she had bought. It is not easy to find things to put in a box for a teenage boy, you are not allowed to put in anything that may split and leak so most toiletries are out. Then there is restrictions on anything that could be used as a weapon, so things like marbles are not a good idea, hence the tennis ball. Eventually I rang our 17 year old son to find that he had seen in on the floor and though it was his and taken it to college. So our daughter had to go without the ball. Apparently one of her friends had a spare one so the boy that the box was for did not lose out.

After she had gone I had a shower. I am ashamed to admit that it is the first one since Monday. I fell in the shower recently and also you would be amazed by how much a shower takes out of me. So I tend to manage with washing at the sink or even on my really tired days I use wet wipes. But as I was going to the doctors a shower was needed.

By the time I had managed the shower Michael was home and he told me all about his morning. It sounded really interesting.

Parking near our doctors is a nightmare usually, but today I got a place very close to the surgery. The surgery is in the High Street and so the parking spaces are full of cars of those shopping. There are no disabled spaces near the doctors. The four that are there for the shops are much further down the road and in a side street, so that they are further from the shops than the normal spaces. There is a small car park with one disabled space but that is so far from the shops that to be honest if you can walk comfortably from there to the shops then you don’t need a blue badge. Well for once I got a space near the doctors, and went in for my appointment. I was 5 mins early and was able to go almost straight in.

The scan results were mostly good in that the ‘mass’ appear to be cysts, but the bad bit was that there are two one on each ovary. The next step is that I must see a gynaecologist. My gp thinks that they will monitor the cysts and see if they grow, stay the same or shrink. He also looked at my swollen legs, poor man what with the levido and the fact that I had on socks and leg warmers on, it was not a pretty sight. He decided that I must stop taking my tablet for my high blood pressure. Not too much of a worry as my BP has been better since the warfarin started. He was surprised by my INR as it was lower than his and I had been on treatment. I asked about the blood tests. Apparently the test for anaemia has 3 different things that they look at. There was haemoglobin and the shape of the blood cells, both of which were normal, but there is a third thing that is tested and apparently my result in that was half what it should have been. Just wish my lupie/APS brain would remember what it was. Another thing that I did was to ask about walking sticks. I really am not ready to admit that I need one, and when out with my husband I can hold his hand and then I look like everyone else. But when he is not with me I struggle to walk. The last think I asked him about was my eldest son’s scar from his appendectomy as it is red and a bit lumpy. He said to get it checked by the nurse.

We went back to reception and found that the only appointment for the nurse was 40 minutes away. So we got my prescription and went home for my son. I ended up going back with him and surprised to find that the parking space I had been in before was empty so Rob was able to use his crutches instead of his wheelchair. Because the reception is upstairs Rob uses the lift and so for the first time I went with him. This is not a good idea for most APS people; claustrophobia is a problem for many people with APS. I got in the lift and the door shut. I kept telling myself that I was being silly and it was only a little lift. It went really slowly and then shuddered and appeared to stop. But the doors did not open. I could feel myself starting to panic, but tried to stop because I did not want to look stupid in front of my son. Of course the doors opened and I was just panicking for nothing. When he went up stairs to where the nurses room is I used the stairs. She checked his scar and then got the gp in to check it. Infection was diagnosed and so our son is on anti-biotic.

Whilst he was waiting for the chemist to dispense his medicine I went into to the library and they had a load of books on sale. They were selling off old books 6 for £1 so I got 6. Then found that one of them was not in the offer and ended up with 7 books for £1.50.   Three of the books have disappeared with the kids. It is good to know that my kids, including the boys enjoy reading.

By the time I got home it was 12:30 and I was shattered. So I sat down and put my feet up. My excuse is that they need to be raised to try and help the swelling go down.

The rest of the day was typical, watched some TV and did a little bit of study and a lot of reading.

There was one other thing that was good. Our daughter’s school sent us a letter and it was a ‘CAUSE FOR APPLAUSE’. I thought it was so good that she had done something that the school felt worthy of writing to the parents to make us aware. We made sure that we praised her last night. I will find a way to make sure that she gets the iPod nano thingy that she wants for Christmas.

Finally got to sleep at 2 this morning only to wake up at 7 in pain. I would give so much to wake up without that pain just for one day.

Today I have done nothing. Well a bit of study and writing this, but otherwise I have watched the Lord Mayors Show and been reading one of my many books.

I am sitting here now counting down the time before I can take more painkillers, because I really need them now.


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