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Posted Aug 23 2008 11:43pm
Hello again,

The Lupus has been causing problems with my lungs. I had to increase my Prednisone dose to 30mg a day (taken along daily with my 100mg of Imuran and 400mg of Plaquenil) to help my breathing/fatigue and constant back and chest pain.

I have to go back to the Dr this week, because it seems to take more and more Prednisone each time to help me function better... What's next?

I wonder sometimes if my lungs are just gonna shut down......

My long term disability company called and they want me to file for SSDI, It disgusts me how much they expect you to live on. They have a law firm they use and pay for so I can get my SSDI paperwork started and finished quicker, and then I was told if I am approved I will get back pay and part of that will go back to the Disability company. I was soo angry, it's their job to pay me. That is why I paid my premiums while working, so if I needed long/short term disability I would have it. why do I have to give them part of my back pay!

The disability company provides FREE legal help from a law firm they contract in. I don't know if I want to use a law firm that was hired by the disability company, who only has the Disability Companys interests in mind. Am I wrong??

I will never understand how when someone becomes sick, they become the enemy of the insurance and employment worlds?

I also got a notice from my medical insurance company last month, who I have had an individual policy with for about ten years. That during my annual rate increase, a utilization review was done also, and since I turned 35 this year that added more money to the new premium also.

I was paying $668 and some change every two months to $890 and some change every two months. I wrote the Vice President of the company, explaining my situation and that I didn't seem to be getting a clear answer to my questions the numerous times I called. I told him I was on disability and this new premium was shocking to say the least (if i can figure out how to do it, I will upload a copy of the letter I wrote. I am not allowed to switch to a different policy since Lupus is an Automatic Decline when applying for a private policy ( it would be allowed if this was a group policy). I was concered that even if they would have allowed me to switch policies it's almost the end of the yar and I had already met my deductible and most of my out of pocket deductible, where after that is met most medical expenses are covered at 100% and I didnt want to lose all i accrued already.

I was called back by an employee with a response, even though the policy I have is no longer being offered, they would allow me to switch my $250 deductible to $500 deductible and I would only have to make up that additional $250 and I could keep all of the out of pocket expense I have already accrued (Thank God) and it would lower my bi-monthly premium to $782 and some change. My Aunt said she would give me the extra $250 for this year, just so I could have some relief in my bi-monthly payment.

I keep thinking would if I didn't have a family who could help? What if I was a single Mom, elderly, a shut in or someone who had no one in this world to go to????

I feel so blessed and I know I am blessed but I just can't stop thinking about other people who are going this alone.....

I know the thought of having to one day giving up my medical insurnace and going into the Medicare/Medicaid system TERRIFIES me. As someone who worked in the medical field, I would say people caught in the system mostly get sub-par care at best, due to what the systerm doesn't provide for and all the overload in the systerm. Even with a new President coming it will take years to get a new healthcare system in place, what do WE do till then?

I wonder if maybe I shouldn't even say anything, Maybe I say to much as it is? Should I even bother to care or write this blog or should I just count my blessings? Or is there more I should be doing to fight what is wrong with this system? And if there is, where do I start?

Just some thoughts inside my head........
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