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Thymectomy Was a Success!!!! - (for now)

Posted Mar 12 2013 11:06pm
Sooooo I had a thymectomy almost 3 months ago and I'm finally blogging about it. I've been wanting to talk about it but busy with recovery from surgery, life with lupus, raising 2 teens and then I have some other health issue that started out of nowhere. THEN I realize that I'm letting my health stop me from what I wanna be doing - blogging.

So let's get right down to it................ I started having symptoms of myasthenia gravis in about April or May of 2012. I'm not sure how long people who elect to have a thymectomy usually wait but I lasted until December 2012. Myasthenia gravis was one of the most difficult things I ever had to deal with. And this is coming from a person who is a single parent of a teenage boy and girl, has lupus, depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.

I think it was so tough for me to deal with because it literally felt like I had absolutely no control.
I can't cure lupus but I feel like I have a measure of control over my symptoms sometimes.
I can't always control my children but I know that at a certain age they will leave the house - forcibly if necessary.
I obviously went through things that cause depression and post traumatic stress disorder but things are getting better with therapy, medication, exercise, etc.

But with myasthenia gravis, I felt like there was little to nothing I could do. I took medication which didn't really keep the symptoms under control. I rested when I needed to, which I have to do anyway. But I still felt like I didn't want it in my life, not that I wanted to deal with any of the other things, but myasthenia was just a burden heavier than I wanted to carry at this time in my life. I wasn't sure the surgery would help me but the symptoms of MG were tiring enough to take the chance - literally not being able to talk when I wanted to, dropping things out of my hand because I didn't have enough nerve receptors to continue carrying it, literally tripping because my thighs would stop working and oh yeah the biggest one - having trouble breathing, terribly scary. So I felt like surgery was a good option. It wasn't a guarantee and it still isn't a guarantee. But I was willing to take the risk and at least hope to get some relief.

They said that it would take several months, a year or more to see the results of the thymectomy. But that wasn't true in my case. I've had very rare and mild symptoms, if any, since the surgery. I think one time a word might have come out of my mouth wrong in the past 3 months and I attributed it possibly to myasthenia gravis. Other than that, I've been perfectly fine.

I'm grateful that I have this remission. I'm not sure how long it will last. I hope that at the very least it'll last longer than this scar from the surgery that's on my chest that I'd like to get rid of!!!

But no matter what happens I know that I still have myasthenia gravis along with my other illnesses and trials of life lurking somewhere able to potentially affect me adversely.

And I will SUCCESSFULLY deal with whatever the future brings.

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