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This just in! Cookie Monster on Prednisone Burst Therapy!

Posted Oct 01 2012 10:02am
Ever wonder why Cookie Monster eats his cookies so violently?! Why his finger tips are always blue? (Must be the Reynauds!-I know this one is a stretch but let's roll with it for the purpose of some good ole' fun in this post!) Why he seems a bit hyper and full of energy at times and crashes at others? You guessed it folks! He's on Prednisone! The love-hate, gimme more I want to get it off now, magic pill we all love to hate and hate to love! After all these years it finally makes sense!

I know I have not posted in a while, I plan on getting back to things a bit more- I do keep up with the facebook page for those of follow me there, I post daily, numerous times a day and it's a great page so come on by and feel free to dicuss, share and just hang out on it! Also if you need or would like to share something that is the best way to get in touch with me as well (I love the new "message" feature for the pages on Facebook!) So with that said, I am off to have some coffee and attempt to get out of bed after staying up far past my bedtime (not that I have anywhere to be-LOL) last night for the Giants vs. Eagles game only to watch My Men in Blue fall to the Eagles by  2 points in the 4th quarter. A devastating loss is not making this Monday any brighter but hey, maybe some Java will do the trick! I am thinking a GREEN MONSTER Smoothie for breakfast should get some inflammation down as well! Have a wonderful Monday and Happy October!

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