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The Sugar Controversy (repost)

Posted Feb 21 2011 12:00am
Well, its finally happened.  Manufacturers are revolting.....we aren't buying enough of their processed sugars and high glucose corn syrup so they are bashing anything alternative.  I suppose it was bound to happen.

There are many articles out there now about how BAD agave is for you. While no sweetener that is processed is good for you, don't be conned by the advertisers or the articles you read by supposed "experts", and as you will find if you read hard enough is that they never site raw agave in their articles (I have yet to find an article that will give you the distinction between regular and raw).  Also, they are constantly referring to Agave Syrup (which is similar to maple syrup in its processing but as you know there are many so called maple syrups that are nothing more than processed sugar with no real maple syrup to be found in them).  I have seen this in the grocery store in the maple syrup aisle, not in the health food aisle where I find the raw agave.

The truth is that you should always limit using sweeteners in anything you eat, however you need to be able to make good conscious choices without the world criticizing you for it.  Have you seen the commercial yet for High Glucose Corn Syrup?  They say its "OK in moderation" (however I do not know who "they" are).  Truth is that anything for you is OK in moderation.....even agave!

So don't be fooled by what you read and remember they are talking about excess use not moderate use.  Personally I use agave or stevia once a day in my morning smoothie.  Stevia takes even less to sweeten than agave, but be careful of commercial brands that say they are stevia and are not 100%....they are a little stevia and a lot of sugar (read the ingredients, not just the front of the box!).

So don't get upset that you may be doing something to hurt yourself with your sweetener.  Using RAW agave is better than using processed sugars or even agave syrup.  Learn, read, and educate yourself.  Then make the right decision for YOU!

Footnote:  Sweeteners in baking are just for that, sweetening.  They do not bind the ingredients, in fact sugar melts in with the liquid ingredients before combing with dry ingredients, so don't be fooled into thinking you need something special just for baking alone.  If you know how to bake you can use what is right for you without any compromises.
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