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The spoon language/ code of the chronically Ill...

Posted Jun 19 2010 12:00am
Good morning Spoonies!
For those of you who are chronically Ill you are most likely familiar with this term "spoonies," ....and for those of you who are not it is borrowed from Christine Miserando's " Spoon Theory," and has become a quite popular term in the world of invisible illnesses. The spoons represent the amount of energy a task will take, or how much energy you have to do your daily tasks each day... For example you 'll see people wishing each other lots of spoons, basically this is a way of wishing your fellow " spoonie" a good day. A " spoonie " which I have used a few times, is a person who is chronically Ill. Now that you have taken spoonie 101, I suggest anyone who is unfamiliar with "the spoon theory, " to check it out, (i will post the link at the end of this post ) as it offers an unusual and scarily accurate look into a day in the life of the chronically Ill.

On a sperate note, after starring at my cellcept prescription bottle for 3 and a half hours last night, I finally worked up the courage to take it around 12:30 in the morning....and aside from an upset/ nacious stomach ( which let's be honest, when you pop as many pills as i do, you come to expect and almost get used to having an unsettled stomach) I'm not feeling too bad, but i could however use some extra spoons!
Wishing you all lots of spoons today & as always, I'll lve you with the today's daily jolt- of - java...

Jolt-of-Java: Taking prescription drugs is 90% mental... The other half is physical ( a little tribute to Yogi Berra for those of you who are baseball fans)

The Spoon Theory
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