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The Rash

Posted Aug 18 2009 10:09pm 2 Comments

I am thinking if I should post a picture of what happen to my face. I told the husband that the rash made me look like a monster and I am so afraid to go outside. According to my rheumatologist, this is the first time he encountered such a rash. It really is ugly and I was asking for an ointment but he declined and told me that we wait if the antibiotics would work on me even without him prescribing ointments. Since he believed I have an infection.

This is my skin two weeks back. At the height of the infection.


After a few days of drinking the antibiotics, here are I am. Though my skin is not yet that clear from the rashes, there is improvement. Excuse me for our appearance since we were sweaty from playing ball.


Despite the flare, I am one happy mom!

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 it looks like a signature lupus rash.  You should talk to your doctor and get tested for Lupus.

 You have lupus...That is the butterfly rash...I have lupus as well but the rash I get is on my neck,chest,and arms..I found out that the sun plays a big roll for mine...Hope things go ok for you and hope you have gone to get checked.


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