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The New Year, PIDD, Autoimmune and Cancer Scares!!

Posted Jan 15 2009 11:46pm

I am aware that many of us are glad that 2008 is over for different reasons.   Many are tied to financial downturns.

Some are political.   Some reasons have to do with job loss and job security.   In the Land of PIDD, many of us are glad due to health reasons.


I felt so good in 2007, that I just assumed it was going to last forever.   Nothing lasts forever, and since I turned 60 this year, I should have learned that lesson by now.

Last January started out great.   I was in South Carolina on biz, and then visited my Mom and sister.   But, alas, I flew home to a very sick husband who was happy to share.   His germs that is.

Within one week, I had the same nasty virus that he and much of the country had.  I was sick for 3 weeks and thought it was the end of it.   I was off to Phoenix on biz, and while there, ended up with pneumonia, collapsed lung, pleurisy and bronchitis.

And, it came back 2 more times – finally ending in May.

AH- SUMMER.   It was great.  I felt healthy, energetic, happy and sunny.  I played, I exercised, and enjoyed life and once again, thought it would never end (WILL I EVER LEARN)??

I had my 6 month check-up at retinal clinic only to learn I had major retinal damage.   NO EXPLANATION WHY.   I went to Chicago to see an expert and ended up getting tested for cancer and autoimmunity (AGAIN). 

Tests for cancer came back the Monday before Christmas negative.  


Tuesday before New Year, on dental visit, learned I had very suspicious looking sore on lip that might be CANCER (AGAIN).

I had a lip biopsy on Friday and now look a bit like Count Dracula (forget the picture of me on the blog- this does not resemble how I look today)!   Dr sliced some of my lip away- and I was forced to drink milkshakes for dinner.  SOME JOY in this event at least – except that it’s only 7 degrees outside.

And, now the WAIT for results.

The thing is- I’ve added several new autoimmune disorders this year- I think the number is either 8 or 10- and this could be one more if it’s not cancer.

So much for starting the New Year with a clean slate.

I wrote down all of the lousy things that personally touched my life is 08 and mentally THREW THEM IN THE FIRE as the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve.   But, with that exercise, a new, better, improved 09 was to come up out of the flames.


We shall see.

I just may have to start my New Year after the Dr calls to tell me that I do NOT have cancer.   If he calls with any other news- all bets are off.

Here’s to a great year for my PIDD peers- hope you have good health- great doctors, a supportive network, no insurance hassles, and a smile on your face.

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