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The Lupus "Mother"

Posted Apr 19 2009 7:13pm
I just had to share with you guys this blog that I read tonight from this so-called "mother" who openly admits that she is "jealous of her bombshell daughter!" She even had the nerve to include a photo of herself! This really hit home for me because as a child, I was targeted and tortured emotionally and physically by my own birth "mother"! I haven't seen her in years and I lived with her, at most nearly 3 years, and those were the worst times in my life! Let me clarify, I only saw her every few years, but went to live with her permanently at the age of 15, and moved out when I was 17! Not long after I moved in with her and her children, and my step-dad, she told me to my face that "she wished that she could have had an abortion when she was pregnant with me". She also told me that she hated me for everything that I was...that I ruined her life, and that I had the looks that she wanted!" Of course, she would wait until my stepfather would go out before she would really lay into me! This witch did everything to strip me of my self-esteem! Tearing me down seemed to be what she lived for! She would call different family members and spread all sorts of lies about me! She read my journal and never ever kept my confidence, as any good mother should do for their daughter. Needless to say, I severed ties with that so and so! I moved out and went to live with a friend while I was still in high school, but before I left, I beat the living day lights out of her! All of a sudden, it was as if "the devil made me do it!" As I was choking her, I was recalling every time she left me alone in that Brooklyn apartment when I was about three and a half, every time she called me a "fat ass" or "thunder thighs", every time she said, "you'll never amount to anything!" Every raw emotion rushed over me as I was determined to put her out of her misery, and out of my life for good! Just before I was about to throw her over the banister from the second floor, my step-father came in and grabbed her! By this time, I had grabbed her by her throat and her crotch and was ready to hurl her over! The sad part is I never felt an ounce of remorse! It seemed that at every opportunity she was given, she did her best to tear me down...all because she was a jealous, selfish so and so who got caught whoring around in the back seat of a car, and got herself knocked up! The bottom line is that she was a whore by the time I was fifteen and I wasn't! I had dreams and goals, and she didn't! I was a genuine, and made friends easily, and she only had contact with people that she was interested in using for her own selfish gain! The sad part is, she's the same person now as she was then! Only now she realizes that she'll probably die alone and miserable...pretty much how most selfish people die. (She actually had the nerve to cry to my Aunt because she wasn't invited to my wedding!) My warning for "Supergirl's mom" who sent her article in to the Washington Post is that she should stop being soo full of herself, wake up and smell the coffee before she loses her daughter forever! When you have a child, it's no longer about "you"! It's a mom's responsibility to build her children's self-esteem and be their number one supporters and fans, among other things. There is something really wrong with a woman who could hate their child simply because they exist. In my opinion, this woman is not a "mother"....she simply gave birth, and that's it! She was an egg donor, much like the one I was cursed with! The fortunate thing about my life, was that I saw that there was a problem that was not only affecting me then, but could have destroyed my future, so I took the initiative and went to counseling...guess what, the poor sap actually tried to get the high school to stop sending me to counseling! Had I let her negativity take root in my mind, I would have been crazy by now! She didn't want anyone to be privy to "what was going on in our house!" Of course, they shot her down and I was undeterred! Honey, I could write a book! I'm happy to tell you that I have done every thing I have ever wanted to do and more! I have some wonderful people in my corner...the rest can kiss my ___! You know what else, the witch was soo jealous, she even went back to school to pursue the same career that I did when I graduated high school, with honors I'll have you know! My advice: When someone tells you that you're not capable of doing something, not only should you do it, but you do it big! Cut out all the toxic influences in your life, even if that toxic substance is a so-called "blood relative"! Weren't Cain and Able "brothers"! Every smiling face is not a friendly one.And whatever you do, remember to stay away from people who only call you when they want or need something! They don't care about you...they care about what you can do for them! Every female that gives birth is not a "mother"! Keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer! And remember, true love never hurts and it never fails! And if you have a "girlfriend" who can never seem to find it in her heart to give you a compliment, that witch is not your friend and you need to cut her off at the knees! Live Well and Love Your Lupie!

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