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The Lupus Larry Fan Club!

Posted Aug 25 2010 5:50am

The Lupus Larry Fan Club!

Good morning and will this doomy gloomy weather ever pass? (oh well... At least I've got my Java!)
I hope everyone is waking up with a replenished spoon bank this morning, and is starting their day off right! As you know, we are in the midst of our CHRONICLYsILLy campaign for Lupus Awareness week here on the old blog, and we're just about half way through it, and have done a tremendous job at spreading the word, educating the public and raising awareness! I have seen our Learn about Lupus facts posted on people's walls/status' etc. I have seen posts from the CHRONICLYsILLy page being shared across facebook (especially the extra informative ones!) and am so glad everyone has band together to raise awareness! I have big news to share with regards to the Lupus community this morning and will be sharing it in our 3 Learn about Lupus facts section of today's post! So hold on to your seats (and perhaps your wigs if you suffer from hair loss/thinning!) and get ready for some BIG time news coming your way!

Learn about Lupus Facts:

Fact #1:  One of the most talked about up and coming treatments for Lupus, Benlysta, was just recently approved Priority status to be reviewed by the FDA, this after it was orignally fast tracked upon entering the late phases of it's stage three clinical trials. Check out the article for more in depth information and spread the news! It could reach its PDUFA (prescription drug user fee act) as early as December 2010 (that's the end of THIS YEAR!) Heres the link I encourage all of you to send this to friends and family and spread the exciting news!  Lupus Drug Benlysta granted priority Status By FDA!

Fact #2:  UCLA study has teamed up with the Lupus Research institute and is conducting a study that is focused on men that have Lupus! A great step forward in advancing our knowledge of the disease and particularly why it affects women more than men! Here's the article-->  UCLA study identify genetic variation linked to Lupus is Asian Men!

Fact #3: (Hard to follow up after those two stellar facts/shares!) It is known that photosensitivity is very common when it comes to Lupus, but did you know that some flares and Lupies may be sensitive to Fluorescent lighting as well? It's true!

Now that we have shared our Three Learn about Lupus facts for this Wednesday, I'd like to move right along to our discussion for the day. Lupus Larry... The man...The Myth... The legend...Returns... And he's doing big things yet again in the name of Lupus Awareness! That's right, the last time we caught up with Larry and The Lupus Magazine, he was risking his life jumping 21 stories to raise awareness for Lupus! What incredible and death defying stunt is he trying to pull this time, and from Japan? Check out his latest video--Compliments to  The Lupus Magazine!


After that, I think it is safe to say that we are now all proud members of the Lupus Larry fan Club (I mean come on how could you not be!) And if it is alright with you, I'd prefer to the founder, president, vice-president and number one fan! Keep up the great work Larry... By the way... are you single? (Just kidding!) That Lupus Larry is always keeping me laughing! Check out his F acebook fan page  and support Larry's cause! He is definitely a cause for celebration when it comes to spreading the word and raising Lupus Awareness! Now... Where can I get those Lupus Larry Fan Club T-shirts?

Remember, that no matter how big or small and act when it comes to raising awareness every little bit counts (It's true!) If you educate one more person a day about what lupus is, that's one more person that may understand a bit better and do something to make a difference and help a worthy cause. Keep up the great work!

We will keep it short and sweet, Just like Larry, for our post this morning and end on a rather humorous note with his latest death defying stunt for Lupus Awareness! As you know the Butterfly Gala is rapidly approaching and we have done a good job thus far with our fundraising efforts! Also, feel free to stop by the page of hope (linked up at the top of the blog!) and feel free to sign the guestbook and if you can make a donation to the LFA... And keep those eyes peeed on our Facebook Page/Blog, as they're will be some new collections added to our  CHRONICLYsILLy Designs© Shop & Boutique  later this week/weekend!

Jolt-of-Java"Kite's rise highest when soaring against the wind--Not with it"- Winston Churchill

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