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The LUPUS checklist

Posted Apr 09 2009 5:46pm

Do you want to know if you have LUPUS. Then you might want to answer the Yes or No questions in the website. I copied the 15 questions and put in some of my experiences about the symptoms.

1. Achy, painful and/or swollen joints for more than three months

Before my diagnosis I have experience this and for more that two years. Arcoxia help me fight the pain.

2. Fingers and/or toes become red or blue, or feel numb or painful

During one of my lupus flare in 2004.

3. Sores in your mouth or nose that lasted more than five days, or sores on your skin that would not heal.


4. Anemia, a low white blood cell count, or a low platelet count.

Yes, I had two blood transfusion during my first year of diagnosis and another one on my second year.

5. Redness or rash in the shape of a butterfly across your nose and cheeks.

Yes, it help make the diagnosis easier since at that time my doctors are clueless as to what my illness.

6. A fever over 100° F for more than a few days.

Yes, for two weeks before my diagnosis.

7. Photosensitivity, a reaction to sun or light that causes a skin rash to appear or get worse.

Yes, before, during and now. That’s why I am using sun block. I am also sensitive to flourescent lamp.

8. Chest pain while taking deep breaths.

Right now.

9. Protein in your urine, or swelling in your legs and ankles on both sides at the same time.

Yes, for four years. Protein in urine is a come and go situation. A problem that my rheumatologist was able to address.

10. Persistent, extreme fatigue and weakness for days or weeks at a time, even after plenty of sleep.

Yes, most of the time.

11. Seizure or unexplained confusion that last for more than an hour.


12. Blood clot(s).

Had pulmonary embolism after a lung operation last 2004.

13. Heart attack or stroke.

No. Fortunately.

14. Miscarriage(s).

No. Thank God.

15. Sudden, unexplained hair loss.

Yes, I almost went bald in 2002.

If you wanted to take the test go to this website.

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