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The Benefits of a Medical Intutive

Posted Jun 27 2010 12:00am
"Hi Lisa, I just had a reading with a Psychic who was very accurate in telling me what I had wrong with me, even though I already knew it. Is this what you do? I asked the woman if she was a Medical Intutive and she said no that you had to go to a special school for that. Is that what you did?" Clare Daniels

Believe it or not it is very common for Psychics to see what is going on and accurately tell you things you already know, that is because they read the energy around you to relay information that is going on in your life.  In my practice as a Psychic Medium I often see ailments in people and their loved one do give them health information that is pertinent to them at that particular moment in time.

However a Medical Intuitive is different in the sense that they are asking your body what is wrong,  not those that watch over you or by looking at your aura.  We are shown deep inside the body on many different levels ~ organs, blood, cells, bones, skin, etc.  Each layer giving us information on what is wrong there, how you got sick in the first place, and how to reverse the disease (or limit the symptoms in order to live a better life).  Medical Intuitives are more detailed than just having a psychic reading. 

Also, Medical Intuition is a gift, just like having Mediumship skills are and no there is no special school for it although these days you can get certified in anything so it wouldn't surprise me if someone was out there teaching it in that fashion.  You can find many legitimate individuals who teach what they do without certifying you. 

For those interested in trying out a Medical Intuitive Reading I do give free on air readings once a month on my radio show, Life Beyond Remission ~ the next show for free readings is scheduled for Monday, August 2nd (at 4pm).   The show is only an hour long, so be sure to check the site for the call-in number and call in early!
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