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Thankful Thursday ~ Wisdom

Posted Mar 04 2009 2:29pm

Choose my instruction instead of silver, knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare with her. Proverbs 8:10-11 NIV

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to my doctor’s clinic. Just the two of us. The clinic is a good one and a half travel from our house. I am a bit apprehensive since we usually don’t travel that far with just the two of us. I was praying all the time that nothing uneventful would happen — like having a 2 year old crying all the time. Fortunately, my dear daughter was well behaved. Not only that she also entertained all the waiting patients in the clinic by her singing and dancing. They were all glued to her performance. And to top it all, my rheumatologist told me that everything was okay. Nothing to worry about. In fact he was glad that my lungs are all cleared from the pleurisy.

To that, for this Thursday I am thankful..

  • for the wisdom that God bestowed on my good rheumatologist. He knows my disease really well that every complain I have he knows which test to order and what medicine to prescribed. He has been my doctor for six years now and for the last four years my LUPUS has been controlled.
  • for the wisdom God gave me during the time the little girl was sicked. After having fever last Wednesday and Thursday, she suffered from colds and clogged nose causing us both to have sleepless nights. Fortunately, the medicine I gave her worked and we don’t need to go to her pediatrician.
  • for the wisdom that help my husband overcome the homesickness he is feeling
  • and most importantly the wisdom that God gave me to know that I would not get everything that I want but rather I would get what HE thinks is good for my salvation.

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