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Tell Me Again Why I Live Here?

Posted Oct 12 2011 12:00am
I"m talking about America.  Yes I know it has its plus side, but it also has a its downside.  Why does our government not get  what other countries do?  If you take care of your people's health they will work and support their country for their entire life.  Whether they live to be 50 or 100.  We have the WORST mortality rate in the world, including those starving from malnutrition because they have no food.

My grandmother lived to be in her 80's, my father only into his mid 70's and my brothers both have medical issues (heart disease, diabetes) that will make their life even shorter.  When are we going to stand up and say we aren't taking it any more?!

Here are two films.  One my a man from Alaska in 2006 and the other by his son in 2008 about the Gerson Therapy.  I didn't watch them to learn about the therapy I already knew about, instead i watched for all the information we are not told about.  All the truth that is out there that our medical community (which is ultimately run my our government and the pharmaceutical companies) tried to deny.  Better yet they use all those "research dollars" to put ads on television to tell us how great their drugs are!  Really?  You can't find anything better to do with that money because I could think of a few for you!

I encourage you to watch both in order, however if you are one those who doesn't like to take the time to watch what you should and will only pick one, watch The Beautiful Truth ~ because then you will want to watch the first one.....


It saddens me that we will be extinct by our own ignorance ~ we believe what we hear and read and are told by those who "know better" instead of listening to ourselves and find the answers for ourselves. 

The most important advice I have ever given anyone is research, research, research! Don't just take my word for it, or your doctors, find out for yourself!
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