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Tai Chi and Biking

Posted Mar 17 2009 12:00am
I was watching a show on Veria channel called "What's the Alternative?" the other day. They had a woman on that had cured her cancer with nutrition and Tai Chi. I am doing well on the nutrition front, still doing a mixture of macrobiotics and "raw" food diet,(want to lessen sweets/even the macrobiotic ones), so I figured I'd try the Tai Chi. I requested 2 DVD's from the library and tried Tai Chi today. My joints cracked and crunched but it felt good to stretch. I will try to do the DVD each day.

Also I have been going for a daily bike ride, for the past 5 days or so. Thank goodness the weather has broken here in NY. It is a bit cold but the extra oxygen is good, and working my lungs is important. I feel tired but better after the bike rides.

I found that for the Antiphospholipid Antibodies there are some tests to tell clotting possibility and I have a call in to my doctor to see if she thinks they are a good predictor. They are cholesterol, fibrinogen, homocystein levels, prothrombin time and INR.

I also called the Kushi institute to see if they could give me a name of a macrobiotics counsellor in my area. I also received a name of a doctor that is an immunologist/allergist that I will try to see soon. Keep in touch!
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